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About Us

Dogwood Dogs is a small business dedicated to the happiness and safety of your pet. My name is Lisa Stewart-Decker, and I am the owner and sole operator of Dogwood Dogs.  The business belongs to me, to my dogs Posie and Lincoln, and to every dog who becomes a member of our pack. The business relies on forming strong relationships with your dog and with your family. I know that your dog is a part of your family, and promise to care for him or her as a part of mine. I believe that social play is important for healthy dogs. Dogs form lasting relationships and friendships, just as humans do. Dogwood Dogs is all about creating the best possible environment for dogs to engage in natural social behaviors and get lots of great exercise at the same time. Our pack is consistent, and dogs usually stay with me for years, until they move or get too old for active play. I have been running off-leash playgroups since 1999 and hope to do so for many years to come.  Many of the dogs in my pack are second generation in their family.  -Lisa

Happy dogs playing off leash
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