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A dogwood outing is a minimum of 1.5 hours of off-leash play on the Dogwood land with pick-up, drop-off and clean-up included. Playtime is usually 2-3 hours, unless weather is inclement. Dogs are away from the home for 3-6 hours, depending on location of your home, traffic, and how long we play.

Payment for Dogwood outings is through a tuition style structure. Monthly contracted clients commit to a regular schedule, and pay in advance for each month. Outings are $50 unless a dog is on a daily schedule, in which case there is a discounted rate of $45. Monthly costs break down as follows:


1x per week*                $205 per month

2x per week                 $415 per month

3x per week                 $625 per month

4x per week                 $830 per month

5x per week                 $935 per month


Daycare:                     $70 per day


Weekday Boarding:      $85 per day (discounts for stays longer than 5 days)



HolidayBoarding:         $100 per day


Introductory outing:     $75


*1x per week outings are sometimes only possible for older or very mellow dogs.  For younger, active dogs, we often have a 2x per week minimum (personality dependent.) This is necessary to keep our relationships with each dog strong and consistent and to maintain the stability of the pack dynamics.


Clients are on a set schedule (for example- Monday/Wednesday/Friday)


The above costs are based on 50 weeks per year. For example, a 2x per week schedule is $50 per outing = $100 per week x 50 weeks = $5000 annually/12 months = $415 per month. Pack leaders take 2 weeks of unpaid vacation, the paid holidays listed below, and up to one additional week of paid vacation/paid sick days.


2 dogs from the same household are $90 per outing (dogs must be on same schedule.)


Drop in/non-contract rate is $60 per outing (we are currently not accepting new non-contract clients.)


Additional outings for monthly contract clients are invoiced at their contract rate through a monthly supplemental invoice.


Outings missed due to vacations, appointments or illness can be rescheduled on a space available basis. Priority is given to rescheduling done far in advance. Clients may hold 3 reschedule credits in their account at any given time.


There is also the opportunity to hold up to three unpaid additions in each dog's account at any time. This means that if there is a week when an extra walk would be helpful, we will provide that for no charge (if space is available) and that unpaid outing is “banked” to be applied to a time when outings are missed due to vacation or illness. Any banked unpaid additions left at the end of the calendar year are added to the January invoice. While only 3 banked additions or 3 credits can be carried from month to month, we are happy to do as many make up days as we have capacity for during the same month as a vacation. Reaching out in advance of lengthy vacations is very helpful to get you the maximum number of make ups possible. 


Dogs on a daily schedule are receiving a discounted rate for services ($100 per month in discounts.) Credits are applied to their accounts on a cash value basis. The $100 discount is deducted from that cash value. The maximum discounts applied per month are $125 ($225 with discount included, the equivalent of cancelling 5 outings) with a maximum annual cash value credit of $500. Credits can be used for boarding services, if available, or as a discount on a future invoice. This option is only available to daily clients.


To receive credit for cancelled outings, we must have at least 24 hours notice (by 9 am the day previous to scheduled outing) for a single cancelled outing, and one week’s notice for cancellation of multiple outings during the same week.


Regular yearly vacation dates (paid):

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

MLK Day**

President’s Day**

**We will take off either MLK day or President’s Day, both days will not be taken as holidays in the same calendar year.

Initial email and phone consultations are free, but there is a $75 introductory outing required for all new pack members. These introductory days typically occur on a Tuesday or a Friday, which are our small pack days.

Service area

Dogwood Dogs serves the following neighborhoods in South/East Seattle:

Seward Park

Hillman City

Columbia City

Mount Baker



Madison Park

The Central District

Capitol Hill (Volunteer Park neighborhood only, or East of 19th Street when south of Aloha)

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